About Us

Devoted to creating quality English education materials for primary schools, Hong Kong Education Publishing Limited was founded in 2010. From the very earliest days, our company has foreseen the future developments of English education in Hong Kong and incorporated the objectives of the Primary Schools English Development (PSED) Pilot Project issued by Education and Manpower Bureau in the design of our multimedia and printed English education materials.

Led by a group of education professionals, Hong Kong Education Publishing Limited strives to provide holistic English learning and teaching support materials, aiming to cultivate a vivid, enjoyable and rewarding learning experience for both students and teachers.


This program aims at raising the speaking skills of primary school students in Hong Kong. In the first stage of the program, the focus is on pronunciation and basic oral English. It is divided into 6 levels. In the second stage of the course, we will focus on learning more practical oral English.

Major aims of the website:
- familiarize learners with the sounds of letters in English;
- help learners “sound out” English words;
- raise the learners’ awareness of the individual sounds as well as how these sounds are combined in English;
- arouse students’ interests in reading English aloud and reading English silently;
- help students build confidence in English.


Prime English 英語正音聆聽課程 is the first ever educational website targeting primary school children’s English speaking ability by offering the unique “ONLINE RECORDING” feature. Students can practise speaking by following the articles and then record their voice which will be commented on by our professional linguists. Comments will be given specifically to students for their reference, for example whether they have performed well in producing the sounds or if there is room for improvement in areas such as fluency, accuracy and clarity.